If you are a professional and want to make a referral, please call me at 610-361-1033 so that we can discuss the referral. I welcome a collaborative relationship with professionals and maintain periodic contact and updates, as needed.

Comments by patients:

“Dear Doctor Young,
Thank you for the outstanding guidance that you so patiently provided. Your guidance has led me “INTO” being a woman who is mentally and emotionally strong and in control, and “AWAY” from being a woman who had always viewed life as just another day of misery. While I cannot honestly say that depression doesn’t come to me every now and again, I CAN honestly say that I deal with those moments with a positively controlled train of thought! I am working on putting the needs of me on the “top priority list”… You have helped me realize that I have no control over how others perceive or react to my being me! And, though sometimes that comes hard for me to keep in mind, I find the power to keep myself in check. It is an awesome feeling! For you to decipher my rambling surface emotions and to find and guide the person at the core of me into healthy reality amazes me! Thank you.”

“By the time I ended therapy, I can describe myself as more mature, more confident, deeper and complex, but simple too. I have the strength to see multiple points of view, whereas often my peers think they know “what’s right”. I can also handle disappointments without being devastated”. 16 y.o patient

“Dr. Young,
Well, another year has passed and I feel better about myself today than I have in years. Together we have faced so many of my demons from the past and present. I feel I’m at a new place in my life and I owe you so many thanks. You have been my anchor and guide through my ups and downs. I couldn’t have picked a more concerned Doctor.”

“We’ve been to other therapists and were given bad advice or the therapist tried to work on things we weren’t interested in working on–or didn’t even think were a problem! You have been very even-handed in your approach. Both [my spouse] and I have noticed more ease in our relationship and family. We argue a lot less and if we have a disagreement, we are able to talk it out and resolve it so that we feel closer, not more distant from each other. I was surprised at times during therapy, at the things I learned about [my spouse] than I hadn’t known before–even after almost 15 years of marriage! Thank you for helping us sort through our challenges and improve and invigorate our relationship. I am grateful for all of your help and encouragement.”